Feature Friday

Feature Friday
Today I am featuring the one and only….
A few years ago, I began my short lived journey of working in a floral department of a major chain.
It was a 3ish year journey that I will never forget and am so thankful for.

Getting to work in the floral industry unleashed passions that I had never truly explored before. I learned so many new things, such as arrangements, bow making, gift wrapping, and my favorite of all, wreath making.

Seriously, I love this stuff!


(Thank you pinterest for the many inspirations that you have given me.)

I am selling all holiday wreath’s now, if you are interested in one, please email me.


All wreaths are made to order and completely custom made to your liking.

I hope you guys have a great day and enjoy your weekend.

Much love,

Brittany Paige


2 in a row

Thankful Thursday

It would totally be okay with me if we just skipped over today. I woke up super groggy, couldn’t breathe through my nose, with a massive headache the size of Texas. So, I’ve got my Cinnamon Spice candle and box of tissues on my desk ready for the day. I must say that I am super proud of my abilities to get out bed at 6am this morning, shower, blow dry my hair and put on an okay outfit and be out the door by 6:35am.
Can you say awesome?!? That’s right, I am superfast at getting ready.


My hubs is not the same. BOO.

Today is Thankful Thursday.

I decided to have a plan for what I was going to write about every day and today is being thankful.

Here it goes.

Today I am thankful for:

-homemade blueberry muffins

(Sometimes, you just need something warm, fluffy and homemade. I’ve been eating way to many smart ones for breakfast and lunch. I am in need of real, not processed foods. Insert, homemade blueberry muffins. One day, I will post the recipe.)
-My car

(I drive a 2000 Honda Accord that has 216,000 miles on her. Her name is Salacious Sally. Yes, we name our cars around these parts. She is red, has a little bit of faded paint on her head, but she is wonderful. I bought Sally a little over 2 years ago for a whopping $3,000 after I totaled my other car, (RIP Moaning Mass.) Sally is old and needs to be tendered for. In the great state of Texas, you have to get your car inspected. Well, Sally wasn’t ready so she insisted we take her in to see why her engine needed to be checked. 3 days and $500 later, she felt all better. Now, I can drive her again. YAY!

And last but most definitly not least...
-My Best friend

Mer and I during girls night at the Oasis in Austin
Today is my best friend, Meredith’s, birthday.
Honestly, this chick is the cream of the crop.
She loves Jesus more than anything.

Girls night a year later
She is the best listener. She cares with all of her heart about you. She is passionate. She is sweet. Seriously, she amazing. I am so thankful the Lord put us as roommates 4 years ago. He knew what He was doing. I am so thankful for a friend who loves at all times. I am undeserving.

I am so thankful that you have stood by my side, through so many trials and so much fun! You, Meredith Farley, are a blessing!

My Wedding Day (Obviously)


Happy Friday Eve!

See you peeps tomorrow.

Much love,

Brittany Paige



Good Morning Friends!
This Wednesday morning is the first morning in a LONG time that I woke up with a full nights rest and I feel 100% energized.
I would like to credit it to the amazing weather that I was greeted with as soon as I walked onto my porch at 6:45am.
Praise the Lord for somewhat of a fall here in south Texas!!
I know I am 3 days late on the October train, but who cares?
I love October and all, but where did this month come from?
I feel like I just got married a month ago and we are already almost to a full year!
What in the world?
This time last year Ryan and I were full blown into pre-marital counseling.
I had just quit my job with Kroger, started a new job at an architecture firm, started to pack for moving, and was signing the lease on our apartment that never happened.
Ryan was in fire school, and was trying to figure out what he wanted to do in his career and how in the world would be able to execute that.
Yall, that season of our life last year was chaos.
Pure crazy chaos.
I know they say that wedding planning is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, but for me, it was so different.
Stress and change are not things I do well with and the Lord makes sure that I deal with that issue pretty regularly.
So, now that we are full year away from that season of chaos...
Here is what is majorly different:
-We are married! YAY!
-I have a job that I love more than words can explain.
-Ryan has a job that is way different than we expected, but the Lord has done good in providing for Him (and us).
-We are in our own place. Alone. (Can I get an amen?!)
-We finally found a church home that we adore. (Will we ever stop being so busy that we can be more involved?)
-We are itching for a dog, and new cars, and a house. (ha!)
Here are some things we are praying for during this season:
-Discipline with weight loss. (I got 60lbs to go yall!)
-Consistency in communication with one another.
-Financial peace.
-Salvation for our lost friends.
Thanks for your consistency in following my blog.
I really want to be more consistent in my posts.
Much love yall,
Brittany Paige


Weekend Fun!

I know its already Thursday and I am just now posting my weekend recap, but this girl has been so busy this week.

Last Saturday our friends from Camp, James and Kae came to visit us for the day.
Ryan and James met at camp the same summer Ryan and I met, and they went on to live together in College Station for a year, and then James met Kae the summer after Ryan and I met, and they began to date and they just got married in June, which is SO FUN!
We adore this couple so much and wish that they lived closer, but we have all made a pact to try and visit eachother every other month.
So we will be in San Marcus in October!

James and Kae arrived at our place around 11:30 and I made chicken salad and dip for them.
I wish I had taken pictures of the food, it was so YUMMY!

After lunch and much talk we all headed out to the new Kirklands that just opened up in town and it was AMAZING!
My mom used to drag my sister and I into that store and I would HATE it, but now, I absolutely love it.
Serious, its in my top 5 favorite places to shop.
 (I should do a post on my top 5 one day for you guys.)

So, Ryan and I, well really just I, have been dying for a full length mirror, but I did not want just a tacky $5 mirror in our bedroom, so we found this beauty on our Kirklands run.
She matches the rest of our furniture in the bedroom and fits perfectly in the corner.
The best part about her though?
She opens up and holds MOST of my jewelery.
This is amazing, since I have a ton of jewelery.
Praise the Lamb!
Here she is: 


 After our extremely hot trip to Kirklands, we came home and watched a few episodes of Suits (our favorite show) and began to cook dinner.
I made mustard potatoe salad, baked beans and Ryan grilled chicken and made homemade strawberry ice cream, which in spite of leaving out the sugar, eggs, and vanilla, was suprisingly delicious.
Ryan and James

Sweet Kae and myself looking rough

After our yummy meal, James taught me how to use my sewing machine, because He is awesome like that and I made curtains!
YAY! :) More on that laters.

All in all, it was such a fun day, but man I was EXHAUSTED and slept in on Sunday morning and skipped church. :(
This weekend should prove to be a little bit less full of stuff, just doing hair and DIY projects. :)

Hope you people are well.
Much love,


Insert Happy Song

Happy Friday Y'all!
I am SO happy that it is finally Friday!
I slept durn good last night and was not feeling like waking up this morning, but somehow I managed it.
You know what I couldn't manage though?
Deciding what to wear to work.
This has become the most difficult task in the mornings for me.
I have a TON of clothes, but only a few are appropriate for the office.
One thing that I have gotten so much better at since I got married is my addiction to shopping for clothes.
In fact, I wouldn't even say it's an addiction any more.
I have shopped more for the home in the past 6 months than I have for clothes, which isn't great either, but our house looks pretty.
So, this weekend, I am going to try and convince Ryan to let me buy a few things that I can wear to the office.
I am in need of black pants and a few more dressy shirts.
Oh, and a new pair of black flats.
I should of taken a picture of me in the old ones this morning.
(My toe busted through the side of them..awesome.)
So, it is Friday, and my weekend will be filled with cleaning, some crafting, hanging by the pool and I get to have dinner with my best friend, Meredith tomorrow night.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!
Much love!


Thursday Fun

I must say that Thursday nights seem to be one of my favorite nights of the week.
I love the joy of knowing I will go to sleep and wake up to Friday.
I love watching the eviction episode of Big Brother and then our favorite show, Suits.

Most of all, I seriously just love getting to hang out and do normal things with Ryan.
Tonight though, will be anything but our normal Thursday.
Tonight we will eat takeout sushi from our favorite joint, Little Tokyo, and we will watch the USA dominate swimming and gymnastics.
(No SPOILERS here! Don't tell me if I am right in my assumptions, please!)

I am so excited to get home and chow down with the hubs.

I had to go to a safety training at our corporate office this morning and sweet husband thought I would be there all day.
He called me at lunch and offered to take me to lunch, which is SO sweet and out of the norm because I office about 30 minutes from him. He was so excited to be able to ask me out on a lunch date that when I do sadly had to tell him I had already left corporate, He was so disappointed.
 Isn't He the sweetest? He just makes my heart so full!

Speaking of sweet...
Little brother, Jay, called me on my way home from work yesterday to discuss our weekend festivities during Labor Day. Most of the conversation was spent on talking about what Ryan and He could do while we're there and what kind of cookies I could bake for him.
He is just the best! HA!

That's all for this fabulous Thursday.
Hope you people are enjoying the end of your week as much as we are around here.
Much love to you all! :)


Living through Instagram

Seriously, I must confess:

I am the most inconsistent person when it comes to keeping up with my blog.

Sometimes, life just gets in the way.
In the past 3 months, we have been so busy and it doesn't feel like it is going to slow down any time soon.

Here is a little catch up via instagram. :)

My sweet little 6 year old brother, Jay, got to come hang out in Texas in the middle of July.
We had SO MUCH fun getting to hang out and play with Him.
 He is such a joy to be around! We got to play chicken foot, go to the park, the pool and of course, Blue Bell.
 It made me so nostalgic with him being here, since my sister and I grew up coming out to Texas for the summers.
We are all so lucky to have such incredible grandparents to hang out with.

Here is Jay and I at Whataburger after church on Sunday.
Sweet Jay
 We figured out after spending the morning sweating through our clothes at the park, that the afternoon called for lots of water playing and blue bell ice cream.
It was a dream!
Ryan (hubs), John (cousin) and Jay (brother)
 I have been on a crafting kick for about 4 years now, since I started in the floral industry.
 I just can't get enough of making fun, beautiful things.
I am starting to be commissioned to make wreaths for people, which is such a blessing and so amazing.
(This weekend I am redoing our crap desk corner in our room to be my crafting corner.)

 Here is the wreath I made for our front door:
New summer wreath
Our lovely patriotic wreath that I made RIGHT before the 4th. I just couldn't help myself.
Fourth of July wreath

This is the wreath I made for my bosses daughters new apartment. It is my first commissioned wreath. Woohoo! 
YAY for getting paid to do what you love!
 Last but not least, I have gotten to spend TONS of quality time with my husband. After spending the first 7 months of our marriage living with my in-laws, our alone time is so wonderful now.
Don't get me wrong, we had fun those months with them, but we are so grateful to be out on our own now.
I am more in love with this man now that I have ever been before.
 I praise the Lord for his life.

Incredible husband

Here are a few of the things we are excited about for the last half of 2013.

-Labor Day trip to Bama
-Committing to staying in the gym
-Our new church family, Covenant
-Our 1 year anniversary

Now, I shall leave you with this sweet verse that I needed to hear this morning. Love y'all!

"My peace, I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27

A fabulous Life