Insert Happy Song

Happy Friday Y'all!
I am SO happy that it is finally Friday!
I slept durn good last night and was not feeling like waking up this morning, but somehow I managed it.
You know what I couldn't manage though?
Deciding what to wear to work.
This has become the most difficult task in the mornings for me.
I have a TON of clothes, but only a few are appropriate for the office.
One thing that I have gotten so much better at since I got married is my addiction to shopping for clothes.
In fact, I wouldn't even say it's an addiction any more.
I have shopped more for the home in the past 6 months than I have for clothes, which isn't great either, but our house looks pretty.
So, this weekend, I am going to try and convince Ryan to let me buy a few things that I can wear to the office.
I am in need of black pants and a few more dressy shirts.
Oh, and a new pair of black flats.
I should of taken a picture of me in the old ones this morning.
(My toe busted through the side of them..awesome.)
So, it is Friday, and my weekend will be filled with cleaning, some crafting, hanging by the pool and I get to have dinner with my best friend, Meredith tomorrow night.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend too!
Much love!

A fabulous Life