Thursday Fun

I must say that Thursday nights seem to be one of my favorite nights of the week.
I love the joy of knowing I will go to sleep and wake up to Friday.
I love watching the eviction episode of Big Brother and then our favorite show, Suits.

Most of all, I seriously just love getting to hang out and do normal things with Ryan.
Tonight though, will be anything but our normal Thursday.
Tonight we will eat takeout sushi from our favorite joint, Little Tokyo, and we will watch the USA dominate swimming and gymnastics.
(No SPOILERS here! Don't tell me if I am right in my assumptions, please!)

I am so excited to get home and chow down with the hubs.

I had to go to a safety training at our corporate office this morning and sweet husband thought I would be there all day.
He called me at lunch and offered to take me to lunch, which is SO sweet and out of the norm because I office about 30 minutes from him. He was so excited to be able to ask me out on a lunch date that when I do sadly had to tell him I had already left corporate, He was so disappointed.
 Isn't He the sweetest? He just makes my heart so full!

Speaking of sweet...
Little brother, Jay, called me on my way home from work yesterday to discuss our weekend festivities during Labor Day. Most of the conversation was spent on talking about what Ryan and He could do while we're there and what kind of cookies I could bake for him.
He is just the best! HA!

That's all for this fabulous Thursday.
Hope you people are enjoying the end of your week as much as we are around here.
Much love to you all! :)

A fabulous Life