Weekend Fun!

I know its already Thursday and I am just now posting my weekend recap, but this girl has been so busy this week.

Last Saturday our friends from Camp, James and Kae came to visit us for the day.
Ryan and James met at camp the same summer Ryan and I met, and they went on to live together in College Station for a year, and then James met Kae the summer after Ryan and I met, and they began to date and they just got married in June, which is SO FUN!
We adore this couple so much and wish that they lived closer, but we have all made a pact to try and visit eachother every other month.
So we will be in San Marcus in October!

James and Kae arrived at our place around 11:30 and I made chicken salad and dip for them.
I wish I had taken pictures of the food, it was so YUMMY!

After lunch and much talk we all headed out to the new Kirklands that just opened up in town and it was AMAZING!
My mom used to drag my sister and I into that store and I would HATE it, but now, I absolutely love it.
Serious, its in my top 5 favorite places to shop.
 (I should do a post on my top 5 one day for you guys.)

So, Ryan and I, well really just I, have been dying for a full length mirror, but I did not want just a tacky $5 mirror in our bedroom, so we found this beauty on our Kirklands run.
She matches the rest of our furniture in the bedroom and fits perfectly in the corner.
The best part about her though?
She opens up and holds MOST of my jewelery.
This is amazing, since I have a ton of jewelery.
Praise the Lamb!
Here she is: 


 After our extremely hot trip to Kirklands, we came home and watched a few episodes of Suits (our favorite show) and began to cook dinner.
I made mustard potatoe salad, baked beans and Ryan grilled chicken and made homemade strawberry ice cream, which in spite of leaving out the sugar, eggs, and vanilla, was suprisingly delicious.
Ryan and James

Sweet Kae and myself looking rough

After our yummy meal, James taught me how to use my sewing machine, because He is awesome like that and I made curtains!
YAY! :) More on that laters.

All in all, it was such a fun day, but man I was EXHAUSTED and slept in on Sunday morning and skipped church. :(
This weekend should prove to be a little bit less full of stuff, just doing hair and DIY projects. :)

Hope you people are well.
Much love,

A fabulous Life