Writing for me!

Sometimes I get discouraged when I write and no one responds. 

Then, I realize, and remember, that I started this blog for me
Not you, not her, not him, not them...but me
I do love to get comments and responses from others, but at the end of the day, I do what I do, for me
So, take that. 
Now that I sound like an uuber jerk, and selfish...I shall quit. 

In other news, I have something very exciting to tell you!


I am so so so excited to start this new journey. 
Ryan and I have been praying that the Lord would work something out for me to be closer to home, and look what He did!
Its a little less money than I am currently making, but I know in the end this will be the best fit for me. 
(I am wanting to be with this company for a very very very long time, like I want to stay with this company and not move any more unless I have kids and can stay home with them.)
Praise the Lord!
I start the Monday after my last day here at Meeks, which means I won't go a day without a job. 
God is good!

I painted my finger nails and toes last night. 

They look purdy, don't they?
Nude pink. 
Yeah, just thought  you should know. 

I'm looking a lot like I'm ready for summer today. 
Yellow sundress, Kelley green sweater, coral necklace. 
I love color
The love of my life is taking me to dinner tonight to celebrate the job. 
Such a cutie!

I cant help but share this picture from our engagement. It was one of the best nights of my life. 
Isn't he a total babe?
I encourage all of you, if you are married/plan on getting married one day, keep date nights a regular event in your household. 
They do wonders for your marriage and self esteem. 

Alrighty, I feel like all of my posts are random and all over the place. 

Love you people!


A fabulous Life