Couting down the days

Sometimes, you just can't help but count down the days to the exciting things in life. 
I know that I shouldn't be wishing away my life, but there are just a few things that make me so excited I could squeal! :)
Golden doodles
Diet Dr.Pepper
The Beach
counting down to these dates:

92 days until we move into our new place!!
That number seems so HUGE but all in all, I know it will go by so quickly. 
Ryan and I have been so patient in waiting for the right time to move out and get our own place, and now we are READY! We have lived with my in-laws for 5 months now, which seems like forever, and it is getting to be a little tough not having our space. We are so beyond thankful that they took us in, after the Mr.'s medical scare. I honestly don't know where we would be with their sweet generosity. We have been able to buy things for our new place, get out of debt and save a good chunk of change, which is awesome! It really feels great to actually be in a comfortable place financially, it takes a big weight of your marriage's shoulders. Who would of thought the bulk of arguments would come from silly financial things? Oh, right, EVERYONE told us that would be the bulk of the fights. Ha ha! 

70 days until my fist weight loss goal!!
In just 70 days I plan on meeting my first weight loss goal of 20lbs
That seems like enough time, right?
That's just 2lbs per week. 
No big deal? Right?
I keep telling myself this...trying to live day by day and make my decisions day by day. I can't plan my weight loss journey by the weeks, I have realized I am only setting myself up for failure. 
If I live day by day, then I am OK. Great, in fact. 
Like, if I make a good eating decision at breakfast, I am more likely to make an equally good decision at lunch and then at snack times too. 
No BIG deal. 

8 days until our weekend getaway together!!
Ryan and I don't get much time alone together, living with the parentals and all. So we are going to spend a weekend up in the country at my grandparents house. I know, I know, we still wont be alone, but somehow when we are up there, we get so much more quiet, alone time. We get to walk around outside, have good table conversation with my grandparents, eat INCREDIBLE food, and not watch TV all weekend! Its so refreshing! So, next Friday, we are packing our bags and heading that way for a little R & R. Praise Jesus!

1 day until my weekend getaway with the girls!!!
In just a few short 21 hours, I will leaving work and heading to Dallas for the weekend with 3 of my favorite girls. See, the summer of 2007 I met my sweet friends, Meredith, at Camp and we became roommates and sisters that year. Then in the summer of 2008, our friends, Nelan and Jennie came to work at the camp and we all became the best of friends. I have never had a group of girlfriends like these 3 and I am so thankful the Lord has maintained these relationships over these 5 years, especially with how spread out we all are. Nelan goes to school in South Carolina, Meredith is in school in Brownwood, TX and Jennie lives in Giddings. So, we are all 2-28 hours away from one another. Nelan flew home to Dallas for her spring break last weekend and so Jennie, Mer and I are going to meet up at her house and hang all weekend. I am SO EXCITED to get away and have good quality girl time! I will for sure miss the Mr. but I think we both need a little time away. 

So, that's whats happenin' in these parts. 
Sorry for the delay in posts action over here. 
I have been super out of it lately. 

So glad you all are here, I love getting to "meet" knew bloggers!


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