Frizzy Wednesday.

Being from the South, I am pretty much in a hate/hate relationship with the cold, because when it is cold here, its wet cold. 
Wet cold is no bueno. 
Like, for reals, you can NEVER get warm. It stinks. 
So, I am more than happy that our winters are limited here in Houston.
I think we have had maybe 20 full days of actual cold in the Nov-Feb months. It's been great. 
Today is the last day of February (Happy Leap Day, y'all!) and it is a whopping 75 degrees
Heck yes! 
Isn't that awesome? I lurve it!
Except for one thing.......HUMIDITY .
I opened the door this morning to see how warm/humid it was outside, you wanna know how humid it is here?
Check out the hair today:
This is what my hair looks like with just air drying it and adding a little bit of hairspray in the front to keep my "bangs" out of my face.

I know that I look a little crazy, or a lot, but I should tell you that I don't really care today. 
Its Wednesday, which is my longest day of the week. 

I know you are just dying to know what I do on Wednesday's so here ya go.

6am-crawl back in bed with the husband 
6:30-get up&put on clothes
6:45- make lunch, eat breakfast & leave the house  
7am-drive to work
8:30am-arrive at work 
5:30-cat nap in the backseat of my car for 30 minutes while I wait for traffic to die down
6pm-drive to babysitt some little ones
 6:30-babysitt (sometimes just 4 kids, sometimes 10-just depends..its for church)  
8:30-9:30-(just depends on how long the adults hang and talk)-get in my car and drive home. 
 9:30-10pm-shower, get in bed and pray to skip Thursday and make it to Friday. 

It's a very long day for me, but that's okay.
 Hopefully I will get a new job soon and won't have to drive this far any more.
My boss is interviewing my replacement, starting today. 
Im kind of sad. 
I really am gonna miss this place. I love the people,and I really enjoy what I get to do. 
This has been a great stepping stone for me and I will be forever greatful that they hired me. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and that your hair isn't as frizzy as mine is today. Haha! :)

Love you people, 

A fabulous Life