My FIRST Guest Post! EEEE! :)

Good Morning friends!

I can call you friends, right?
I mean, there are a whole 34 of you here now! I am so excited about the numbers growning, I can hardly contain myself. 

Random thing you should know: Im thinking of doing a giveaway sometime soon....Im not sure what I will give away just yet, so I will have to think about it.
Today I am so excited to be guest posting over at Henning Love about my hometown. You should FOR SURE go check it out. Please, go! Right now! 
Okay, thanks!

Enjoy this Tuesday, and please, say a little prayer for me. I am still looking for a new job and my current job knows this now and they are going to start interviewing to replace me. (Its a long story how they found out, but its all good!) So, while you are talking to the big man upstairs, shout out for me. :)
Love you people, seriously, I am so blessed by all 34 of you! :)

A fabulous Life