The 30 day Challenge.


I was reading through some of things I would "need" to write about...and there are just some things that I dont really want to bring to the table in my blog, and since it is MY blog...I do what I want. 
In other news....
I am looking for a new job. 
Here me out...I LOVE my current job. Its the first job in a while that I am making enough money to live and live well with my hubby and the first job I have ever had that is Mon-Fri 8-5. I am not stressed, I love the people and I get to do what I want, pretty much. 
The catch is, when I took this job, Ryan and I were planning on living 2.6 miles away. Then Ryan got sick and was medically released from school and we made the hard decision of moving in with his parents when we got married. It has been such a blessing because Ryan finally got a GREAT job in Deer Park with the city. We feel so blessed that the Lord has taken care of our needs. 
With that said, we have prayed and prayed and feel like the Lord wants us to plant our feet in the Pasadena area. We feel led to live a life in community. We want to live, serve and grow in the same spot where we live. 
So, my 120 mile (roundtrip) commute every day is not a good thing. It is making my 8-5 job 7-7, which is not a fun thing at all. I am becoming more irritable with the drive and hate not being able to be home to cook dinner for my man. 

So, I have been applying for many a job in the Pasadena, TX area. If you know anyone who is looking for a fun, happy receptionist, please let me know. :)
Also, please be praying for me in this season of transition. I feel so blessed my current job and it breaks my heart to have to leave them. They have been such an amazing addition to my life and I count it all joy to have worked here. 

Transitioning to my randomness.....
 Ryan and I bought new furniture over the weekend. Here is a sneak peak.....

We got 2 end tables that look like this

Plus this couch (not the pillows), an oversized chair and this coffee table
Isn't she pretty!?!? 
I am so so so excited about our new furniture! It means that moving into our place is that much closer. Praise the Lord! 
Tonight we are going to buy our TV, which is O SO EXCITING! I miss getting to watch shows that I want to watch without the boys taking over the screen to watch Storage Wars or Sawdogs, I mean, you may not be a Bachelor fan, but I am sure you have some show you like. :)

So, I will let you know what we get tonight! WOOHOO!

Do you have any suggestions of what color pillows I should do? I am having a hard time deciding on what color scheme to go with. HELP (please)! Thanks!

Love you people and hope you have a great Tuesday evening, can you believe it is already WEDNESDAY tomorrow?!?! YAY for hump day! 

Much happiness.

A fabulous Life