Nothing to say

I have been in such a writing funk lately, I feel like I just haven't had anything interesting to say.
So, I am doing a post of randoms today. Here ya go:

1. The dresser project did not happen as we said it would. The Mr. and I could not decided on what color to do. I really want to be able to accent with pillows and stuff, and so I'm afraid to do any color that will be to loud. I need a neutral that will go with our bedding as well, any suggestions?

2. I started Weight Watchers. Its going pretty well. Its a little difficult to figure out the points value in a homemade meal that I didn't make. Do you know how to do this? 

3. I miss my wedding rings. Did you know that when you go to get your rings sized and re-dipped in white gold that they have to send it away for 2 WEEKS!?!?!?!?! I miss my rings so much! I haven't taken those babies off since that day(s) I got them. I sleep and shower in them and NEVER take them off. Seriously. So, I am counting down the days until February 21st to get them back. 

4. I'm putting together a pretty awesome Valentines gift for my huney. :) I have gone back and forth for several weeks on what to do for him, and I think I may have found exactly what I want to do for him. YAY!

5. I'm longing for friends. Ryan and I have gone to a mega church in Houston for about 3 years. Now that we are in Pasadena, a good 30-45 minutes away from our mega church, we decided we would start trying out churches closer to home so that we could be more involved. This journey is a hard one. I miss the new friendships we were beginning to develop at First and am longing to go back. Ryan wants to be at a smaller church that is closer to home so that we will actually be able to be involved, but we aren't really finding what we want. We just really want to be around other couples who are around our age so that we can grow and learn and be in community with them. Its so tiring and frustrating. Please pray for us. 

6. Spring is a comin. I can not wait for spring/summer. I am not one for cold weather and I can not wait to put on my sandals and shorts all the time. Praise the Lord for winter being mostly 70 degree days. :)

7. Today I miss being a florist. I really miss using the creative side of my brain all the time. It was such rewarding thing to be able to do whatever I pleased design wise in my job. I truly loved the times I could spend on flower arrangements and gift baskets. I day dream consistently about opening my own shop. How much fun would it be to open a studio where I could create everything I've dreamed up for people!?!? Oh, the day. 

8. I love my husband more today than ever. Life is short and we take it for granted. I am a nag. Not all the time, but enough to get on my nerves so I know it gets on his. But guess what? He is so wonderful to not hold it against me. That man loves me and I know it. I am so grateful for him. 

9. Michale Kors. I'm currently obsessed with most things MK. He is a genius.

10. THESE DARN BREAKOUTS ON MY FACE ARE KILLING ME!!! (Side note: Before I got on birth control, I never had breakouts except for 2 days during my monthly cycle.) I have been on 2 different kinds of BC in the past 9 months. The ENTIRE time, I have had some MAJOR breakouts on my chin. They hurt and I look crazy. I started using a different cleansing system on my face, every morning and night, like a good girl, and still, I look like a 12 year old girl going through the change for the first time. It blows. 

That's it. My randomness for the day. 
Maybe tomorrow I will have something more productive to say. 

Thanks for being here. Seriously, you are loved. 


A fabulous Life