Happy Monday!

Does any one else feel like Mondays come the day after Friday? I feel like Saturday and Sunday go by WAY to fast. It makes me so sad when Sunday nights roll around, just knowing I have to set those alarms and wake  up at 6am. What a bummer!
That's okay though, because this weekend was fabulous!

Ryan and I had very specific plans of re-finishing our dresser, but once we got to Home Depot on Saturday morning, we could not agree on the color of the dresser. I really wanted to use Krylon spray paint, but did you know that neither Home Depot or Lowes had very much to choose from? It was such a let down. So we put that project on hold until we could agree and find the right color and spray paint. I am going for a robins egg blue, like super soft and appealing. Do you know where I can find a can of spray paint that's the brand KRYLON in this soft color blue? HELP! Please. :)

So, on Friday night when I got home from work, Ryan and I ventured out to the land of large people (Kelly's Home Cookin) and had breakfast for dinner. I felt so out of place there, even though I'm not a size two, It was just sad to see all the incredibly overweight/unhealthy families in there, chowing down on some monstrously large plates of food. It was kind of gross. 
While we were eating our not even good food, the little man sitting behind us, he was 3, came over to our table with his mom and mom said to me, "My son would like to say hello to you mam" and I said, "HI!" Then his mom looked at him and said, "Go ahead" and the little 3 year old boy in his Levi jeans and cowboy boots, leaned over and WINKED AT ME! It was hilarious! Ryan and I were dying with laughter! I told Ryan he better watch out, that little man was spittin some game. 

After the grossness that was dinner, we went to Home Depot to get the stuff for our project, which they did not have, and we wanted to price some lumber to make our headboard. Fun night, right?

Saturday morning came and Ryan and I had to run a few errands, to the alterations place to hem my new 4$ jeans from GAP, and then to LOWES to get our supplies. Since that didn't work out either, we headed into Marshall's to pick up a gift for Ryan's cousin, Haley. She turned the big 2-1 last week and we had a big family celebration Saturday afternoon. It was AWESOME! We got to her parents house at about 1:30 and it was such a beautiful day that we sat outside until almost 5pm. It was so great! :)

That night consisted of resting until about 8:30 and then we decided to go on our date. The plan was to go to dinner and then a movie at 9:30 or 10pm. We wound up eating at a really nice restaurant, called Cullin's, and didn't even get our food until 10pm! It was NUTS! So, movie was out, especially after our $130 dinner. (Seriously, no steak or crap is worth that amount of money!) 

Sunday we got to sleep in, and I actually slept in until 10am, which is a record for me since I am usually an early riser. We got up, had breakfast, I cleaned, did laundry and got ready for the day. We went a saw a movie, "Man on a Ledge", which was AMAZING! Seriously, go see it, like yesterday! :) Then we just enjoyed each other and went to try out a new church on Sunday evening, it was all older people, like a nursing home, so we quietly exited, then I made banana pudding for Ryan. It was quite the day. 

This week I am praying for patience, self control, discipline and for us to be able to find a new church home and peace in driving home in traffic every day. Please pray for my grandpa who is having surgery on his knee tomorrow, he fell last Thursday and broke something in his knee and will have to have some pins put in. 

Thanks for reading all this. I really appreciate each and every one of you. 
Much love!

A fabulous Life