It has been...

One of those weeks. 
I have been a crank all durn week and am so happy its Friday because that means that I can come out of my funk tonight. 
This week was full of junk. 
1.Monday, I woke up late and made the hour long trek into work and then it rained all stinkin day and made me wish for my bed. 
2. Tuesday, I had to wake up and spend my morning in the DPS office to change my name, since I got to marry the Mr.
3. In leaving the DPS office, I got pulled over by a "make me so mad I want to cuss" cop. He called me sweet heart several times, told me he wasn't trying to ruin my day and then preceded to write me a ticket for $260. 
4. I ate TERRIBLY this week. Seriously, self control out the window. 
5. My face decided to break out so bad that it actually is hurting. 
6. I had to start a new birth control. Which is making me VERY emotional, (and break out.)
7. I had the privilege of babysitting for my favorite family on Wednesday, which I love, and then drove home for an hour in bad traffic. Awesome. 
8. Thursday morning, I spent a little bit of my morning in the Social Security office, to change that name. 
9. Thursday afternoon, I left work at 5:30. I didn't get home until almost 7:30. Talk about peeved. I was ticked. 
10. Husband and I had an off week. I was super emotional and needy all week and expected way to much out of my awesome husband, and He could not fulfill all my needs, which is okay, I just didn't appreciate him this week. Sometimes I wonder why God gave me such a wonderful man. I do not deserve his goodness. 

Its Friday and I am praising Jesus for that. 
Ryan and I are going to start on refinishing our dresser tonight, I am super excited about that! Its going to be beautiful! I just know it is!
Tomorrow, we are going to sleep in and I am going to wake up and cook an amazing breakfast in bed for my man and we are going to frolic outside most of the day and celebrate Ryan's cousins birthday. Then guess what tomorrow night is??????
People, if you are married, please make sure you go on a date with your man at least once a week. Weather that is to Which Which or The Cheesecake Factory, make it a night just the two of you and get out of the house. Heck, you could even do a picnic. It doesn't have to be fancy. You need intentional time alone together. 
I am so ready for 5:30 I can hardly contain myself. 
Praise the Lord for Fridays. 
Sorry I spent 90% of this post complaining about my "H" of a week, but sometimes, a girls just gotta vent. 
Thanks for "listening".
Much <3

A fabulous Life