What "WE" are gonna do this weekend...

Hey Friends!
I am SO excited to call all 29  of you "friends". What an exciting number! I have been so adament lately about blogging, and let me tell you, I love it! Hopefull we can get to the big 3-0 by the end of February. Fangers Crossed! ;)
On with what I set out to write about today...
Ryan and I are a little different on the decorating side. Well, frankly, we are different on just about every single side. So, in planning for our "May 1st Move Out of the In-Laws", I have begun 'pinning' away lots of ideas on pinterest for our new humble abode. Let me tell ya, I am SO EXCITED!!!! I can barely contain myself when I think of all the little projects I am going to do. 
With that said, Ryans idea of style is basic and brown. Mine is, well, NOT. 
My sweet sister, Julie and her husband, Simeon, gifted us with this not so pretty awesome 6 drawer long dresser when they moved up to Portland last fall. We were thrilled to be given such an awesome piece of furntiture but I must say that I have wanted to paint that sucker since the second we got our hands on it. Its screaming at me every morning for a little TLC, and so this weekend our not so beautiful dresser will get a complete makeover. Here is what I am going for:
Our dresser is shorter and longer...but you get the idea. 

Isn't she a beauty? 
Our bed room is currently in a state of finding her/his identity, since we are in my husbands childhood bedroom, clad with all his hand painted surfer dude labels. (He is still a surfer, but out of that "I gotta let everyone know Im a surfer" stage-PTL!) SO, we are slowly but surely going to find our identity. 
I told Ryan that since He gets to make all the decisions in our life, Im making all the decorating/cooking decisions in our life. He can and will let me have this one. :) This is why I love him.
This is the comforter that we ended up buying after the wedding. We love it, but we haven't completed the look yet. I am struggling with what color to do the accent with and what color to do our curtains. I am doing the robbins egg blue for the dresser, what do you think for the accent on the bed and curtains? I dont want to go TOO crazy here, since it is a room that should be relaxing, so any help at all would be awesome! 
Ryan is going to make me a cool headboard one of these days, but for now we have a giant clock that was a gift from a wedding shower. 
AHHHH.....Im rambling. Sorry guys. 
Please feel free to give me any imformation/help you can in the color area. 
Much love people!

A fabulous Life