Wedding Whoops!

Jenna over at Recently Roached is doing a link up today on wedding blunders and let me tell you, I laughed so hard when I read hers, that I just knew I had to tell the world about what went "wrong" on our big day.

First off: My Dad was so sweet and such a mess when we walked down the aisle. His crying made me cry so hard right before I walked down, I felt like all my make up was crazy! Then, as we walked down the aisle, the beautiful song that we played, (Beautiful by Rescue), completely messed up because our pastor turned on his mic. Awesome. 

2nd: We decided early on that instead of doing the traditional unity candle we wanted to take communion as our first act as a married couple. I put Ryan in charge of the simple task of getting the bread and wine for us to partake in. So, as Natalie and Seth got up to say the prayer and read scripture, I looked at Ryan and he had no idea where the stuff was that he bought. So we just stood there, as the song played, staring at each other and quietly laughed. It was awesome.

Three: Our AWESOME pastor, David, is a wonderful speaker. We love Him. With that said, He likes to take looooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggg pauses in between sentences. So, of course, when it was my turn to say "I do", I said it midway through His talk. Wrong time, Britt. Everyone laughed at me. So, I just looked at him and said, "Well, Im ready!" :)

And LAST but certainly NOT LEAST: Ryan's best friend, Zach, who was the Best Man, was so sweet to take care of us that day. He was such a sweetheart and dumped an entire bucket of birdseed on our heades, just as we are about to leave for our trip. Isn't he sweet?
This is Zach, and the said bucket of birdseed. 

This is right after it was all dumped on us. 

And this is me, giving Zach the look of death love, and pulling the birdseed out of my dress. 
Awesome right?
They were all blunders but they all made the day fun and carefree. Sometimes, we brides tend to get a little to stressed out and need to get the stick pulled out from our behinds.
Do you have any fun/ traumatic memories from your wedding day?

Much love peeps!

A fabulous Life