Weekend Recap

This past weekend was one of those spectacular weekends that go by way to stinkin fast!
I guess its because we were so busy, but I hate that the 2 days where you are so happy and have fun and time to relax, you are bombarded with time flying by your head.
This past Sunday, the 15th, was my 24th birthday. It was one of those birthdays where you know that you are older but it doesn't feel like you are older or that its your birthday. It was just another day, which is so sad because I love birthdays, but this one was just an ordinary day. I should go ahead and stop myself and let you know that my amazing husband did a great job helping me celebrate on Saturday night though.
I'll start with Friday.
Friday night Ryan met me at work, since we live an hour away from anyone else in my family and I work on the side of town where they all live, and we headed to Katy to The Red Oak Grill to meet up with all the familia.
My grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and 2nd cousins all gathered at the grill and laughed and oodled over some cute kids while enjoying a rather yummy spread of burgers, potatoes and salads. It was great to have the family together and enjoy a good meal.
We got home around 9:30 and of course I was pooped, because I am a grandma and I went to bed at about 10pm. Yes, I am lame.
Saturday was a great day!
I woke up around 9am and watched some Greys Anatomy, had some breakfast and waited on my man to wake up. He is always a late sleeper, and I am always NOT. He finally woke up around 10am and we hung up with the parentals for a little bit, then headed to Channelview.
Ryan had a job interview last week that we were praying to go our way, so we decided to go and look for an apartment in that area.
We looked at 2 different units and fell in love with one of them, but wanted to wait to see what happened with Ryans job. I guess the Lord has a different plan for us, because Ryan did not get the job. We are praying for the Lord to provide him with a great job so that He can provide for our family. (Side note, Ryan is amazing and is working so hard to find a job, Im so proud of Him.)
After apartment hunting, we stopped by the Marshall over in Channelview, since its a newer one, and found a TON of baby stuff. (No! I am NOT pregnant! One of my good friends is having a baby shower this weekend.)
Then we headed home and I took a little nap and Ryan started to scheme.
About an hour later, I woke up and was instructed that I was not allowed to come down stairs. I had to stay upstairs until He was ready for me. So, I cleaned the bathroom and bedroom really well and then took a nice long shower so that I would be somewhat presentable for our date night.
Ryan came upstairs and got me around 6pm.
I walked down the stairs to a very dark room and some beautiful music playing in the back. I walked into the kitchen and this is what I saw. :)
The lovely dinner Ryan prepared for me.

Isn't my man amazing?!?!?
His parents were so sweet to leave us alone for the evening, they had made plans to hang out with some old friends. 
We ate dinner, had amazing conversation, great dessert and watched the Miss America pageant. (Yes, my man is awesome enough that He put up with Miss America for the evening with me.) 
Around 11pm we were so tired so we headed to bed. The days of staying out until 3am are long gone. 
Sunday, we got up and tried out a new church, that we didn't love so much, headed home and watched the Texans game, took a nap, and went out to dinner with all of Ryan's extended family for His grandmas birthday. It was a sweet evening with people we love. 

Thats it for my weekend recap. Hope you enjoyed it!
Im fixing to take my lunch break and go take a nap in my car. Im EXHAUSTED! 
Much love to you peeps!

A fabulous Life