I think Monday's are made for the over achiever's in life.
I feel like the Lord made certain days of the week for certain people.
Some people love Wednesdays, being the light at the end of the tunnel and all.
Some people love Fridays, being the actual end of the tunnel.
I, on the other hand, love Saturdays.
I adore "sleeping in" (usually only until about 8:30, sometimes 9am if I'm lucky.)
I especially love waking up with my husband and spending all day with him.
I also love to clean on Saturdays and get all my laundry done.
I know that this sounds wierd that I would love such a thing on my chill days, but I do love to clean and organize. Im a strange one.

Today I was supposed to do a weekend recap. Since I failed at taking very many pictures, I am going to wait until tomorrow to write that post.

Instead, Im going to leave you with this:

I love my husband.
He went and got me all 4 new tires.
I love having a man like him in my life.
I've never experienced so much love in my heart for one person. He makes my heart pitter patter. :)

Enjoy this Monday night. Any Bachelor fans?
Woot woot for getting another Monday under our belts!

Much love peeps,

A fabulous Life