Friday Favorites

Hey y'all!
Today, I am pretty much at my lowest of lows for the week of sickness. I guess I haven't given my body enough time to heal and recoop from our trip to Colorado, so I am hacking up a LOT of junk and sniffing a whole bunch. I know, awesome, right? Im sure you were all just dying to hear that. 
Today I am trying to be somewhat productive on the blog and I started a weekly calender of what I should write about, so that I will give myself a little more direction. 
Friday's are deemed Friday Favorites. For no reason other than it works and its two F's. 
So, here ya go:
Top 5 favorite things to do in the "winter"

Im from Alabama, the lower part of the great state, and growing up there and now living in Texas, "winter" isn't exactly the same here as it is in the north. So, I have never gone sledding, made a snow man, or gotten to ice skate on a regular basis. 
Our winter activities are a little different. 
Here are my favorites. 

1. Snuggling up with a good book by the fire. 
(This doesn't happen often enough because of our 70 degree winters, and my father-in-law doesn't exactly like to use the gas fireplace.)
2.Taking a good hike on the trails in the grey sky. 
(I keep saying this is going to happen this weekend, or next, but we keep losing track of time.)
3. Doing NOTHING. 
(Litterally laying in bed all morning, noon and night watching movies and talking because it's too cold and grey outside to even bother putting on clothes.)
4. Looking at Christmas lights.
(One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is to take a drive the week/night before Christmas and look at all the tacky beautiful lights. This year was a little disappointing, could the recession possibly of hit Christmas light season as well?!?!?! Say it aint so!)
5. Beachin' it. 
( I grew up on the shores of Alabama, a mere 30 minutes from some incredibly beautiful beaches. We would be so lucky some winters to hit 85 degrees in DECEMBER! So, we would hit up the sands of the gulf, never getting in the water, but at least enjoying the salty air. 

I know those aren't the most exciting things in the world, but they are fun for me.
What are your favorite things to do in the winter time? I'm not a huge fan of cold weather or grey skys, unless Im watching Pride and Predjudice, so I would love to know what you love to make these dreary days go from lazy to....not lazy. hahah. (I was looking for a word that ryhmed...and I couldn't find it...HAHAHA!)

Well, that about wraps it up.
This weekend I am celebrating my birthday. I cant believe I am going to be 24!
Tonight we are going to celebrate with my side of the family, in Katy. Tomorrow and Sunday are all on my sweet husband. He has something up his sleeve, but of course won't tell me so I am super excited to see whats going on. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Do something fun and tell me about it on Monday! 
Much love peeps!

A fabulous Life