Colorado and some other junk

Whew! It has been such a crazy couple months, I'm so glad I have a chance to breath now. We have been so beyond busy these past few months, that I must go ahead and confess I am relieved they are over! 
We got engaged last May 23rd, and since then these things have happened.

-Ryan started fire school. 
-I quit my job. 
-I got a GREAT new job!
-Ryan kind of finished fire school.
-Thanksgiving with both families
-Several awesome bridal showers
-We got MARRIED!!!! (12.10.11)
-Honeymooned to San Antonio for a few days
-First Christmas married
-First New Years married
-Trip to Colorado

See....its been a little much for us lately. I'm thankful that we are done spending lots of money, even though I really enjoyed our big day, it was a lot to handle. 
Now that we are back from Colorado, which our great friend, Zach, gave to us as a wedding gift, there isn't much to plan for any more.
My birthday is this Sunday, (1.15.), and my hubby has something up his sleeve that I am so excited about. I have NO CLUE what we are going to do, so Saturday can't come soon enough. 

After this weekend all we have left for holidays is Valentines Day and then we get a whole 9 months to:

1. Pay off my credit card (almost done, hallelujah!) 
2. Start paying off my student loans (I hate these things)
3. Save lots of money!

Anyways, with all that rambling, I'm sure you just want to know what our trip to Colorado was like. 
First off, you should all know that I have never been out of the south, EVER. I've been as far north as Dallas, TX. and as far south as Orlando, FL. So, as you can see, Ive been a little sheltered in my life. 
Since I have never been very far north, I have never truly experienced real snowfall (like TONS of it) and have NEVER been that cold before. So, Colorado was a stretch for this southern beach girl. 

The husband LOVES Colorado.That man breaths cold air and mountains. It surprised me how much he likes them because He is such a beach guy too, I mean He's a surfer, y'all. 
Anyways, I didn't have a camera with me, of course. I really want need to go get a new one, but its not exactly in the budget. So, I took my trusty iPhone along for the ride and took a few pictures...here ya go. 

Waiting in the airport. Vibrams sure are comfy but trust me when I say you shouldn't wear them in CO. It was 78 degrees when we left Houston and 27 degrees when we landed in CO. I'm not always a thinker. 

Y'all, isn't He a hottie? I adore this man more than anything. What a stud!

This is pretty much the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my whole life. 

Zach and Kait. Brother and Sister. They are the greatest. 

We were so exhausted after our first day on the mountain. 

Amazing! Right?

This is my "excited" face. haaha!

I could drive all day looking at this view. It was incredible. 

How can you not believe in God after this?
God was so great to reveal Himself to me on this trip. I was so caught up in me that the day before we left the Lord got a hold of me and smacked me across the face as if to remind me that He is in control of me. It was a beautiful trip with some great friends and I pray that we get to do this again.

Well, there you have it. 
My ramblings for the day. 
Hope you all have a great rest of your week. 
Much love, 

A fabulous Life