Friday Fun

I was laying in bed this morning as my alarm went off at the lame same time it does every morning, 6am, and I decided that Fridays would become by "lists" day.
If you don't know me very well, you should know that I am a list girl.
I like to make a list of all my to-do's, even the ones I have already completed, just to cross them out later.
Also, I am kind of obsessed with making these lists beautiful. Colored sharpies and card stock make my heart go pitter patter.
So, with it being a Friday, Im going to do a top 10 list today of my favorite holiday traditions.
My family is a little different, or just like yours, in we have always had to split time with Mom and Dad. I dont really know anything different than this, since we have done it since we were 5. So, some of these traditions are my favorite that we have in our family and others are what I want my families traditions to be. Ill let you know whats what, because Im just that cool. :)

(These are in no particular order)

1. Making a fireplace with my little brother. (I have a 5 year old brother, Jay Weslee, who I adore. My Dad and Jennifer don't have a fireplace in there house and so every year we make a posterboard fireplace and hang it on the wall so that Santa can come down the chimney and drop off the presents. Hands down, this is the most fun tradition.)
Jay Weslee-He honestly makes the best faces!
2.Christmas PJs (Yall I love openening new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. We used to do this all the time, it hasnt happened in quite a few years, I think this year its making a comeback. Wink wink.)

3. Christmas Breakfast (I haven't gotten to partake in this tradition in a few years because I haven't been home for Christmas, but every year we go to my step-mom, Jennifer's, parents house and have a GIANT breakfast. It is the JAM! Love it!

4. Christmas lights ( I grew up living with my mom and step-dad and we NEVER put lights on our house, so I am DETERMINED to put lights on my house/loft/condo every year!

5. Baking (Okay, so I always love to bake, but especially during the holidays. I love to make cookies for Santa and then eat em all the next day. haha!)

6. Family time ( I moved to Texas about 6 years ago and love that I get to see all my extended family all the time, but there is just something so special about us all getting together during the Christmas holiday. I adore my family. )

7. Movies ( There have been so many years that my sister and I have gone to see a movie on Christmas night, its been a while now since we have gotten to do this, since she's been married and now lives in Portland, but yall, I cherish this time with her.)

8. Colorado ( This is a tradition I beleive we are getting ready to start evey year. My man loves to snowboard and so his best man got us a trip to go to CO in January as a Christmas/Wedding gift. It will be my first time to go, so we will see how this gos.)

9. Christmas Eve Church ( As long as I can remember we have attended a Christmas Eve service at church. I love this tradition because its an opportunity to stop and remember why we are celebrating. I think everyone gets a little caught up in all the silly stuff that surrounds us during the holidays, so this is a nice time to take it all in and worhip Jesus.)

10. Christmas Cards ( I love that everyone sends out a card saying how much they love you and how pretty there family is. Its such a great way to stay in touch with the people you only see once a year or once every 10. :))

Well, thats it for that.
I've got a fun filled weekend of family stuff to attend to and I am so excited to celebrate my first Christmas with my husband!  HOLY JESUS! SO HAPPY!
Thanks for reading peeps, hope you enjoy.
See you on the flipside.

A fabulous Life