I've been thinking a lot lately about wanting to be more intentional about writing, since its a great stress reliever and gives me an opportunity to talk about the random things that go on in my head so I thought today would be a good  great day to start by telling you a little about me. So here we go! :)

My name is Brittany Paige Fletcher.
This is what I look like. Every day I'm this good looking. haha! Just kidding, this was after much makeup and hairspray.
Bridal Portraits credit Paige Meyer of Paige Meyer Photography
In all actuality, this is what I normally look like. Not graceful, or elegant in any way. 
I like to call myself funny. 
Even if you don't think I am funny, that's okay with me. I like to laugh at myself.
I don't like to take myself to seriously.
Sometimes, I struggle with that. 
Laughing and smiling really are my favorite things to do. 
Making people smile is even better. 

I have a very HOT husband! His name is Ryan. We got married December 10, 2011 out at our meeting spot, Camp Tejas.  I love this man more with every day. He is so loving, kind, funny, generous, passionate and just plain HOT! I adore him. He loves Jesus more than anything in the world, adores his mom, respects his parents, is smarter than a fifth grader and knows how to have fun and make me laugh. Sometimes we are a little crazy, and don't see eye to eye, but what marriage is perfect? After 3 years of crazy fun we are finally married and I couldn't be happier. 
Engagement pictures credit Paige Meyer Photography
I am a lover of Jesus. He alone is worthy of my praise. Jesus is the reason I am where I am today, with Ryan. Our marriage is on a firm foundation of our savior and I am forever grateful for His love for us and His grace. 
I'm from the beautiful Eastern Shore of lower Alabama. (This should explain my lack of  English/writing training.)
I'm from a broken home, since I was 5. 
I love both my parents so much and am so grateful for all they do for me. 
Julie (The BIG Sis), Dad (The ONLY), and me on Mobile Bay in Fairhope, AL.
My 2nd mom, Jennifer, me, Dad, my little bro, Jay Weslee, and Julie. (Our fam has since grown but this is one of the only pics I had of all of us)
My Momma and Me. She is awesome! :)  (I know I look crazy in this pic-way over accessorized!) 
 I love diet coke so much that sometimes, I wish I could fill a camel back with it and drink it all day. I know that I could do this, but I am definitely trying to diminish my love for this cancer inducing drink. I love it. An ice cold, so cold it hurts your mouth, fountain diet coke it my weakness. Don't judge.

I am a jack of all traits. 
Hairstylist. Wedding Planner. Artist. Florist. Secretary. Baby Sitter. Lifeguard. I love anything that requires being creative. I have a very strong desire to be a stay at home mom once we have kiddos. I really want to sew my kids clothes, bake with them, craft with them. I seriously can not wait for this day to come. 

The only picture I could find of me in hair school.
My favorite flowers, EVER, peonies. 
  That's pretty much all the craziness you need to know today. I know, I overloaded you a little bit. That's something you should get used to on this blog. I'm a little much sometimes. I'm a line crosser other times. Sometimes though, I'm just enough. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Please feel free to talk to me. Ask me questions. Let me be friends with you, I would love it. I love people and love talking. :)
Love photo credit to Paige Meyer Photography

A fabulous Life