I am so thankful that yesterday was my first day back at work and that today is already FRIDAY!
I woke up this morning, exhausted still, thinking, "Man! How in the world am I going to manage waking up at 6am the rest of the week?" Then, I got ready for work and headed out the door at 7am.
As I turned on the radio to 104.1 KRBE, Roula and Ryan were talking about how its FRIDAY! I nearly screamed with joy as I realized it was, indeed, already FRIDAY!

When I first started this job, about 3 months ago, the main thing I was most excited about, was having a "normal" scheudle.
I've worked retail, or some sort of service industry job since I was 15 years old, and have ALWAYS had to work on Saturdays. Even my most favorite job, camp ministry, was a weekend working kind of job.
It never really bothered me until the past couple years, since I have grown so much closer to my family and my husbands family. They would always plan things on the weekend, and I, of course, would NEVER be able to go because I had to work.
Now, not only do I get EVERY SINGLE Friday night-Sunday night off, I am making triple the amount of money I ever made with the old job and we all got holiday bonuses yesterday! It was amazing! I feel so valued with this company, so loved by them, it's a wonderful feeling.

I had a rough night driving in the traffic for an hour and a half last night and so I really felt the need to remind myself how great I have it here at MPP today.
So, Thank you D.M., L, and J.P for hiring me 3 months ago. I am so greatful for the open arms you have given me.
Much love!
B Fletcher

A fabulous Life