Bachelorette Party!!

 Thursday night was the the start of the festivities.
 I was lucky enough to have my sister, Julie and my best friend, Danielle fly in to help coordinate everything.
Julie lives in Portland, Oregon now and Danielle, lives in my hometown, Daphne, Alabama.
Im so greatful that they came down and planned this party for me.
My other bridesmaids, Nelan, Meredith, Jennie and Lindy all made the treck into downtown on Thursday so that we could party!
The day started with a wonderful breakfast with my Dad, 2nd Mom-Jennifer, little brother-Jay, Grandparents, Julie and her husband Simeon. Papa J. made yummy biscuits, with eggs and bacon and sausage. It was delicious.
After breakfast, Julie and I got all packed up and headed for Houston.
We stopped in town in Brenham first to have lunch with Jennie, Mer and Nelan at the Whataburger, cause we're classy like that.
Then Julie and I ACTUALLY headed for Houston.
We had a few errands to run so we completed those and got to check into our hotel around 4pm.
We stayed at the Alden Hotel in downtown Houston, which was quite the adventure for this little small town girl. (I've never stayed in a big fancy hotel where you have to tip everyone who helps you, so lets just say I learned after Julie told me how things go)
So, $25 in parking fees later, we got checked in.
Our hotel was really nice, but not AT ALL what I expected. It was super dark, smelt kinda weird and there is a club on the lower level of the hotel which made for a late night thump in our beds. haha!
Back to the story,
Julie and I got freshened up and drove to the airport to pick up the best friend, Danielle.
Once we got Danielle, we tried to make reservations for this little pizza joint in mid-town and they said that the first open reservation was for 10pm! HOLY PIZOLI!
After making quite a few phone calls, we wound up getting into the original pizza place.
It was actually quite funny, we were one of 4 groups in the whole place. They weren't busy AT ALL! It was pretty hilarious!
After dinner we all went back to our hotel and had some fun!
We had sangria and champagne, opened sexy time gifts and played a game.
The game was so cute!
Danielle put together a grab bag for me.
She had asked Ryan some questions and I had to answer the same questions and if I got them right I got to pick something out of my bag, if I got them wrong, I had to put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth.
I got a TON right and 6 wrong. :( haha! It was so fun though!
I ended up with some pretty peices of lingerie and 27 pairs of panties. How awesome is that?!?!?!?
I mean, I dont have to do laundry for a whole month! Its awesome!

Pretty much everyone dispersed around 11pm and we all went to bed. (Can you say, Grandma?)
Im so thankful for all my girlfriends! They truly are the greatest people I know.
Here are some pictures overload.

The next post will be on our Friday Festivites! :)
WooHOO for being a married woman!
Brittany Fletcher


To those of you who are single, you have NO idea how much stress a wedding can put on the bride. 
These past 7 months haven't been terrible, in fact they have been amazing, but I sure am glad that it is in the past. 
Ryan and I have waited to so long for that day, and now that it is past us, we couldn't be more thrilled to be together at last!
The wedding was amazing! I can't wait to give a low down on every little detail, with pictures and all. 
The Lord has been so good to Ryan and I, and I can't wait to see what He does in our marriage! :)

Thanks for all the prayers and support!
We love yall!

Brittany Fletcher

A fabulous Life