The Lord sure does know what He's doing with me. 
If you dont know me, which I assume you dont, you should know that I am weird. Crazy weird. Like, this next statement will not make any since to you. 
I am not a fan of change, but somehow find myself always on the edge of my "seat" waiting for and wanting a change. 
Well, this couple years, I have definately changed. Here are some of the ways/things:

Broke up with Ryan, my now fiance. (Insert sad face. Another story for another day)
Graduated from hair school. 
Got my first apartment (that I actually paid for)
Bought a new (to me) car
Finished my last summer with Camp Tejas
Got back together with Ryan 
Started my first big girl job in a salon as a stylist
Quit my first big girl job in a salon as a stylist (HATED IT)
Got promoted at my second job
Got engaged
Quit my job of 3 years
Started a new job (That is AMAZING!!! Thank you MPP)
Moved out of my apartment
Watched my best friend from child hood walk down the aisle to her curly headed crush from 8th grade
Watched my big sister move to Portland, OE
Watched my aunt adopt 2 babies

Lets just say it has been a worlwind of change in my life in the past 2 years.
The Lord is faithful to remind me that He is in control, but sometimes, or all the time, I struggle with understanding this. 
Ryan and I were supposed to move into our awesome new apartment last weekend, and the Lord put a HUGE stop sign in our faces. With some wise counsel from our parents, we have decided it is best to not get into this lease as of right now. 
About a month ago, Ryan found out he would be unable to complete his schooling, 3 days before graduation, because of his medical issues. He has been searcing high and low for a job to provide for us for about a month and still we have come across nothing. 
We are 17 days away from our big day and are moving in with His parents until Ryan gets a job and we can get on our feet. This has been one of the biggest things to change in my life in the past 2 years and I am really struggling with it. 
Do you have any words of wisdom on moving in with your in-laws because of financial instability?
I could use all the encourgaing words in the world!
Please pray for us as we begin this journey together. 
Ryan has a second interview with Lyondell on the 30th. This is a job that we have all prayed for for quite some time now. Its the job Ryan wants, needs and loves. Please pray that this happens for us. 

Sorry this is such a long post, I feel the need to preface everything before I write. 

I know, Im strange. 

Much love and Thankfullness on this holiday weekend!

A fabulous Life