2 become 1. In EVERYTHING.

Dear iPhone,
I want to thank you for all that you have done for me over the past year and a half.
You have:
1. Given me directions which
2. Saves me from getting lost in sketchy parts of town
3. Helped me not to overdraw my account
4. Kept me entertained during wating periods
5. Woken me up
6. Given me the freedom of carrying one device instead of two, thank you ipod
7. Been my weatherman
8. Given me all the time access to my camera
9. Always kept me up to date with social media
10. Email. nough said.

You have also:
2. Broken FIVE times
3. Been a distraction
4. Given me the wrong directions/time
5. Been slow

So, yes, the good outweighs the bad.
The moral of this "story" is that I am spending to much money on convienence.
Ryan and I are about to get married, if you dont already know, in 31 days.
As we prepare for this milestone in our lives, we are joining many things together.
If you know anything about me, you know that financially, I have never been great, good or decent at budgeting my money. Ryan on the other hand, is VERY good at budgeting, (PRAISE GOD!)
I have had my iPhone for about a yer and a half and LOVE it, hate paying $95 for it, though.
Ryan has had the same phone for at least since I have known him, which is almost 4 years. He pays $30.
So, coming together, we already have a difference in opinions on what we "want" and what we "need". (I can argue needing and wanting an iPhone, so don't try me.) Ryan, is a minimalist. Yes, there are things He wants, but when it comes to saving money, that always out weighs what he wants. So, when we go in to merge our cell phones, of course, Ryan thinks I should rid myself of the iPhone. This is so sad to me. Sad that I am willing to argue with my husband over such a silly thing, and sad that I LOVE a silly phone this much.
People, I need your help.
I feel a pulling from the spirit to get rid of my phone, and my flesh is telling me its okay to keep it.
If you know me at all, you know I am a people pleaser,(prayer for this flaw too), so please be gentle in your comments.
Much love people.

A fabulous Life