The Calender is FULL!

Can any of you relate to being over committed?
My calender is so full right now that I can not wait until the holidays are over.
The next few weekends are going to be weekends that I tresure in my heart forever though.
This weekend coming up my sweet friends, Natalie, Christene and Jennie are throwing me my first bridal shower. I am so excited! Its an "around the clock" theme, so everyone will bring gifts for their assigned time. So if you got 8am you would bring say a waffle maker, if you got the 12am you would bring lingerie maybe. Just to give you all a feel for what it will be like.
I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life.
I can't wait to share with you all the sweet little details of my first shower. :)
love yall!

A fabulous Life