Weekends off!

The past 8 years, I have worked a retail/service related job, which means that I have worked weekends and an up and down random schedule for 8 years. To those of you who have not had to experience this kind of a schedule, you should pray for the people who have to do this. It has been a very stressful and difficult experience. You can never make plans more than a week in advance, your sleep schedule is pretty random, you can't be involved in a mid week bible study, you can pretty much just slave your life away to your job.
I don't understand how people with families do it.
A few months ago, I began to pray for a new job with quite a few qualifications.
I felt like my standards were to high but I knew the Lord had a plan. After all, He knows the desires of our hearts.
I applied to about 60 different jobs all which had to potential to fit at least 8 out of my 10 standards.
I never got a call for an interview.
Until 2 weeks ago, Thursday, September 22.
I got a phone call from Lori at an architecture firm here in Houston.
She scheduled an interview for Tuesday with me.
I went in on Tuesday, super nervous, and succeeded in the interview. She scheduled me for a second interview right then and there for Thursday.
Thursday morning I went in and met with Lori again along with one of the partners.
To say the least, we laughed the whole time.
I felt like I had the job right then and there.
I asked when I would here anything, and they said by Monday.
The NEXT MORNING, I got a call. I got the job!!!!
I finally get to work a Monday-Friday 9-5 job.
I finally get to make plans.
I finally get to put money in my savings account.
I am so thankful for how the Lord has provided.
Praise Him for His provisions.

A fabulous Life