We got engaged!

May 23, 2011, Ryan Allen Fletcher asked me, Brittany Paige Burchfield, to be his wife. I couldn't be a happier girl than to marry this special man. He is such a wonderful part of my life.
Here is the story I promised so long ago that I would tell:

Back in October of 2010, Ryan and I began to discuss what our next step in the relationship would be. We looked at rings for the first time and I thought "it" would come any day. Well, 6 months later, April rolled around and we looked at rings again. We found this beautiful ring but I knew it was WAY out of the budget and so I had to expectations.
After looking at rings again, I knew it was to come any time. Ryan had a different plan.
I started to get frustrated, impatient, restless that Ryan was never going to ask me.
So, I tried to quit thinking about it. Of course, I couldn't.
In May, Ryan and I had made plans to go out to Camp to see some of our friends.
The week before our trip out to Camp, Ryan told me he couldn't go any more because he had a couple doctors appointments. So, I would have to go alone.
I took off work on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to spend time with my best friend, Meredith.
I called her Sunday to see if I could come out to camp early and she made up some lame excuses as to why I shouldn't. The truth was that Ryan was out at the Camp already trying to set up his romantic proposal.
I ended up waiting to leave for the Camp early Monday.
As soon as I arrived, things felt weird. I couldn't get in touch with Ryan and I felt out of place there, which is not normal, since Camp is like my second home.
I spent all day hanging out with my best friends, Jennie and Meredith, talking about Ryan and him proposing, and how I was sick of waiting and how frustrated I was in waiting. They just kept encouraging me to be patient and not to worry.
After dinner, Jennie, Mer and I hung out for a while and then we had to go light a camp fire for a fake group.
The girls took me out on the golf cart and as we drove up to the meadows campfire, I saw how beautifully lit up the wooded area was. I even said to the girls, "WOW! This is so beautiful, I wonder what group is here?" The girls just thought I was silly.
Then we pulled up and I saw Ryan, at the end of a trail of tiki torches and candles, standing there waiting on me. I looked at Jen and Mer and asked, "Is this for me?" Then, of course, they scooted me out of the cart and Ryan came and got me. We hugged for a long time and then sat down underneath all the candles, fire and lanterns. Ryan began to pour His heart out to me. I actually wasn't sure at this point if He was proposing or not. I mean, brother talked for like an hour. Somewhere in the middle of his talking, his best friend walked in with a cheesecake for us. It was so random. Then we cried together and walked over to a cross and prayed together. Ryan got down on one knee and handed me the ring I thought I would never see again.
Of course, I said YES. :)
Then, we drove up to the Marmax conference room to see all of our friends. It was so fabulous.
Im so lucky to be in love with my best friend.
I cant wait to walk down the aisle to my best friend.

A fabulous Life