Only 3 days in.

This is going to be short and sweet.

Yesterday was great. I ate great, even though I was tired and have a lot on my mind. I went another whole day without a soda. :) I felt great.

Today, not so much.
I woke up cranky.
All I wanted was an easy day.
A diet coke began to burn in my throat. Thats all I wanted.
So, I had one.
No big deal, right?
For me, this is a big deal. Once I fall off the horse, I fall all the way off, no hanging off, I fall.
I was so depressed about my decision that I just went ahead and gave the finger to my "change of living" for the day.
I ate freaking McDonald's for dinner and had ice cream tonight.
What the poop?
Bad decision after bad decision.

Then I talked to my man. I told him how I had screwed up and you know what he did? He held me accountable. Jerk.
Isn't this what all of us ask the people we love to do for us?
"PLEASE hold me accountable to this, I really need your encouragement and love but sternness through this this process. Please be here for me."
And there He is, there for me.
Ask me what I did?
I got mad. Defensive. Sad. Depressed.
Im so silly.

Its one day.
I have to stay focused.
I cant get defeated.

                                  "All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful,
                               but for those who are trained by it yield the peaceful fruit of righteousness."
                                                                                         -Hebrews 12:11


I can do this. I will not be defeated because I messed up today, or when I mess up later. Im imperfect.
I can only do this with the Lord.
Tomorrow is a new day.

Praise the Lord.

A fabulous Life