Happy Birthday Ryan Fletcher!

Can everyone just collectively celebrate this man today.
Today is his 23rd birthday and I am so excited to get to share this day with him.

You are the most amazing man in the world, and you deserve the best day ever.
Here are 23 things I love about you.

1. Your love for Jesus. He is first in your life.
2. Your love for me. You have never given up. You have fought for us from the beginning.
3. Your eyes. (yeah, I am cheesy)
4. Your contentment with spending time with me.
5. Your love for your parents and grandparents.
6. Your love for my family.
7. Your desire for our future.
8. Your love for the outdoors.
9. Your red hair
10. Your joy
11. Your laugh
12. Your drive.
13. Your truck. HAHAHAHHAHHAHA. (I just had to throw that out there)
14. Your taste in music
15. Your love for your friends
16. Your shoe fetish. ;)
17. Your love for camp
18. Your desire for spiritual growth
19. Your desire for my walk with the Lord
20. Your support
21. Your love for the beach and the water
22. Your strength
23. You. I just love you. All of you. :)

I love you more and more with every day. Thanks for being you. You are perfect for me, Ryan Allen Fletcher. I look forward to many more birthdays with you.
Have a perfect day. You deserve it. :)
Brittany Paige

A fabulous Life