This is me.

I am me.
I am a flake.
I am a dreamer.
I am a lover.
I am a person of passion.
I am happy.
I am emotional.
I am fun.
I am crazy.
I am a people pleaser.
I am a talker.
I am a believer.
I am so many things.
One of those things is random.

I am for sure a dreamer. I am one of those people that when I have an idea, I say it out loud and then sometimes I never act on it. Which then makes me seem like a flake. I just love to talk. I love to speak what is on my mind. I love advice, but I don't always take it.
This summer has been a summer of learning and faith.
I am really growing into my so called "adulthood" and learning its okay to disappoint people sometimes. All summer I have been trying to figure out what is next in my life. It's been a pretty stressful thing to think about. Where to move? Where to work? Where to build community? It's all kind of stressful, but for now I am leaning on the Lord knowing that He has a perfect plan. I really would like to know what that is, but I don't have to know.
Praise God that He is the planner and perfecter of my life.

Here are a couple pictures thus far from the summer...
I really love these people.

Sweet Hanley.
This girl is seriously amazing.
"Are you ready? HECK YES!"

Sweet Jennie Wojtczak.
You are awesome.
Im so happy you have been in my life for the past 4 years.
You are a great woman. :)

This man is the jam.
Ryan Fletcher.
You made my summer happy.

Mer and Nelan.
I can't begin to explain how much you girls mean to me.
Our friendship, along with Jennie, is amazing.
God has truly blessed me with incredible lifetime friends.
Life would not be the same without your girls in it.
I love yall so much and count is all joy to share life with you girls.
Yall are amazing.

This is what we call amazing.
These people make my heart happy and have made my summer absolutely perfect.
I couldn't thank the Lord more for such wonderful people. The love that I have for them is huge. They are some of my most cherished friends in life.
Thanks guys for an incredible last summer at Tejas. I will cherish these memories forever.

Love you like a fat kid loves cake.

A fabulous Life