Brides Bouquet

I am definatly attracted to anything that looks sweet, girly and southern. That means that pink, almost any shade, (yes, Blush and Bashful) is almost always appealing to me.
If you don't already know this about me, I LOVE weddings. I am on my life track of becoming and wedding coordinator. Right now, I am finishing up my Cosmetology school and I am working in the floral department
at a grocery store.
I want to start throwing in different wedding ideas here and there to show my passions.
Here is my favorite bridal bouquet.
It is so elegant simple. There is only one flower throughout the entire bouquet, and the pinks are so gorgeous.
I am slightly obsessed with theknot.com... You will most likely see a lot from them on my blog.
Enjoy these flowers.
Much love,

A fabulous Life