In the past 24 hours

I have:
1. Started and Completed my 2010 taxes all by MYSELF!
2. I have completed my Fafsa for the fall semester.
3. I applied for my summer job.
4. I scheduled my written exam for my state board.
5. I found out how much school I have left.

Thats all the super important things.
I managed to let the pollen get the best of me. :( Seriously, these allergies are going to kill me. I woke up at 4am this morning unable to breath and so I got up took to much medicine and went to school for all of 4 hours. I could not function. I came home and slept for about 5 hours, much needed and woke up feeling hungover. Awesome.
Now, I am going to try and get better so that I can be at school tomorrow physically and mentally and work all night around flowers that have pollen in them. YAY for loving a job that you are allergic to.

Have I told you guys yet that I am going to college in the fall?
Hmmmm...I think I will share that story soon.
Much love all!

A fabulous Life