An Amazing Birthday!

My friends are seriously amazing.
I had one of the most incredible birthday nights of my life thanks to these wonderful people. The day started out like any other day except for the fact that I was exhausted from not getting any sleep the night before. I work up around 9am and started some laundry and did some reorganizing. I had a wonderful lunch date with my sweet Aunt Karen and cousin Lindy and her baby Cade. It was awesome to spend some quality time with them and enjoy some good grub. Aunt Karen got me a mani/pedi for my birthday and so I went and got one right after lunch. It was fabulous. I was a little pressed for time, and I told the lady that I was pressed and she promised me that I would be out there by 3:30. Guess what? I wasn't out of there by then. I didn't leave the salon until 4:10. AHHHH! I was supposed to meet Amy at the mall at 4:30 to pick out a hot new outfit to celebrate in and I was so late. Fortunately, Houston traffic came through for me for once and Amy was caught in crazy traffic. I made it to the mall 15 minutes before she did and started on my mission to find "The Outfit". I walked into the first store, 'Francescas'. The very first shirt I picked up and tried on was the one. It was perfect. I loved the way it fit, the way I felt in it, everything. It was sophisticated and sexy and classy all in one. I fell in love in the dressing room. Amy arrived as I was paying and we were on our way. At this point it is almost 6pm and my dinner party starts in an hour. Its been raining all day, my hair is in a pony tail, I have no make up on and no where to get ready. Awesome. My amazing brother, Lance pulled through for me and let me and Amy come to his house before the party to get ready. YAY! Before we headed to Lances, Amy and I stopped by the nearest Kroger to pick up some balloons for the back of my chair. If you didn't know this already, I work at a Kroger in the floral department and for some odd reason, balloons are my favorite thing to do. The poor girl who took care of us was not on her game that night. Poor thing, she was terrible. My heart broke for her, and poor selfish birthday girl couldn't really take it anymore. I had the help the poor thing tie the balloons. Then, the most rude, nastiest cashier checked us out. She was so rude that I even thought about reporting her to her manager, but then I remembered all the off days that I have had and felt sorry for her. We shoved the balloons into my car and bolted to Lances. We got there at 6:45 and Lance was no where to be found. So, we waited. Great. We ended up only waiting for not even 5 minutes, but it felt like an hour. Lance arrived and escorted us to his home. I ran inside, up the stairs and into the bedroom. I have never in my life gotten ready so fast before. I ripped off tags and threw on my clothes so fast, Im lucky to not have put my pants on backwards. (haha)
I finished getting ready at 7 o'clock on the dot. Can I get an amen from the sisters out there?
We arrived at Pappasitto's shortly after 7:10pm. Good job Lance for finally driving a little faster than my great grandfather. ;)
I had made reservations for 25, because thats about how many "said" they were coming. Well, the total came out to 15. It was the greatest 15 I could of asked for. Hand down.
We all laughed so hard over dinner that I thought I was going to pee on myself. Dinner was downright amazing. Thanks to my sweet friends, Amy and Judson, my dinner and drinks were completely paid for. They win for the "Amazing Friends" award.
After dinner, most of us minus the baby dog daddy's (cough Judson) headed to Lances for a movie. It was a very chill but fun a laughter filled night. 12 o'clock rang and we all parted ways. I rang in my 22nd with a bang. It was fantastic. Here are some pictures from the night courtesy of sweet Jenna. My camera did not make an appearance because my large camera case did not match the wonderful outfit. Thanks Jenna.
Amy, myself and Jenna. Future roomies.
It seems like I have plenty of guy friends. :)
Jenna, myself, Amy and Birdie
These girls are seriously amazing!
I <3 Birdie. She is fabulous!
The great Amy. For serious, she is my fav. Love her!
I <3 this picture. Love you girls.
Jenna, Chad, Birdie and Judson. These are some pretty
freekin solid friends. Love them!

Thanks to everyone who made this 22nd birthday such a wonderful birthday. It is going to be a fabulous year with some fabulous friends. Love you guys. You are the most wonderful people I could ever ask for. Thanks for being so awesome!

A fabulous Life