Goals for 2010 and 22. :)

1. Graduate College
2. Lose 22 pounds by the 22nd of March (random month)
3. Run for 22 minutes without stopping
4. Get a new job
5. Move into a new house/apt
6. Spend at least 22 (intentional) minutes a day with the Lord.
7. Write my little brother at least once a month.
8. Go on a vacation.
9. Quit drinking soda.
10. No haircuts for me this year...lettin it grow.
11. Commit to pray for my parents on a daily basis.
12. Take a dance class.
13. Adopt a compassion child with friends.
14. Be actively involved in my Sunday School class.
15. Love people more.
16. Give away the clothes I don't wear.
17. Start working toward opening my salon.
18. Spend more time with my family.
19. Get my passport.
20. Go on a mission trip.
21. One word: Karaoke.
22. Have a legit accountability group.

2010 and 22, You are already 22 steps above 21. Praise the Lord for a great support system.
Love you guys!

A fabulous Life