Crossing your fingers

Prayer. Crossing fingers. Lucky Rabbits Foot. Whatever it is that you do, please do it now.
I will be graduating in May from Cosmetology school and am praying that the good Lord will have a good job for me that will pay very well so that I can at least be on my own. Im so ready to have my home, one that I can take ownership and pride in, one that I can have my friends over too, one that I can clean and bake and have fun in.
I was chatting with my sweet friend, Amy, the other day and we started talking about moving in with each other come July. Her lease is up and hopefully I will be in a sound financial situation. I was on the computer the other night, just browsing, trying to "budget" and figure out what rent would look like in the area of Houston that I am interested in being in and I stumbled across this gem of a house.
Is this not the cutest house ever? I love it. Its in the heights area, and you can see the Downtown skyline from the front porch. It is incredible. 4 bedrooms/4 FULL bath, 3 car garage, a study, hardwood floors, dining room and a great kitchen. The best part is, it is only $2500 a month. If Amy and I find 2 more room mates we are looking at a spectacular rate of only $625 a person. I am praying, crossing my fingers and rubbing my rabbits foot that the good Lord will save this house for us until July. He is a God of miracles.

A fabulous Life