Happy New Year!

Welcome to my life 2010!
Last night our churches singles group, Summit, had an awesome party at the Plaza Club downtown Houston in the Shell building. We had awesome food, drinks, dancing, karaoke, wii rockband, and more karaoke. It seriously was one of the best nights of my life.

Here are a couple pictures from the night. I will post more later, but I am still mending from no sleep. Love you guys and hope that you all have a fabulous new year.
Much love sisters and brothers,

Kara, myself and Amy ringing in the new year. Love these girls!

My 9one0 friends. What an amazing way to end or time together as a class. I love you guys and pray that our friendships are only strengthened in this transition. Much love!

What an awesome groups of girls to party it up with. Love you gals!

A fabulous Life