Christmas, Christmas oh sweet Christmas.

I am beyond myself in excitement for this incredible holiday.
Next Wednesday I get to take the 8(ish) hour drive to Alabama with my sweet sister and brother-in-law. Im pretty stoked because I haven't exactly spent quality time with either one of them since they got married, so it will be nice to have them all to myself for a good 8 hours each way.
I haven't been home in almost 5 months and that trip was very short.
When you have a little brother that has a growth spurt pretty much every week, 5 months is a long time. He is 3 now and on the fast road to looking 7. Its kind of scary. Can I just go ahead and let you know that I am completely and totally in love with this little guy. He has stolen my heart. I mean, look at him.
This is Jay and my dad cutting down the Christmas tree. Its been a tradition since my and Julie were really young to go cut down a tree in Silverhill, Alabama. I love to see my little brother carrying on the tradition.

So over the next couple days I may have to post random spuratic writing to just express the thrill of excitement that is in my system for going home. Life is so simple at home, all I have to do is be there and I am loved. I love my family. Seriously, they are awesome.
Hope all is well out there. Much love sisters and brothers.

Week 1-DONE!

I just finished my first week of the mini mester at school.
Woo hoo for me.
I think this is going to go by pretty fast considering I only have 2 days of school next week and 3 the next and then 4 and Im done.
Praise Jesus that this time in my life is coming to a fast end. Im very excited to say that I have one semester of college left. It is going to be a very trying time in my life but I am confident that I can handle it. It will be lots of long days and lots of frustration, but this too shall pass.
Thanks for all your prayers and support through this last year in my life. God has truly been faithful. :)
Love you guys!

A fabulous Life