New hair. New Attitude.

Today I decided it was time for a change.
I've had blonde hair for quite some time now and since it is fall, I thought, "Why not?". So, I went out and got some color and my sweet friend, Carla, did me good.
She cut and colored the whole thang.
I lurve it.
So, not only do I think that it was time for a change in my hair, but also with my physical shape and my attitude.
I joined the gym last week at 24 hour and met with a personal trainer. She helped me figure out what it was that I needed to do to lose the weight and tone up like I need to.
I am so excited about how the Lord is going to teach me through this season about discipline and self-control.
With all this comes a new attitude as well, one that is confident and bold, one that is that of love and understanding. God is good, all the time and He sure is teaching me how to be a better Brittany.
Im all about a change.
I love it.
I also love comfort, but change is a relief. Give it a chance. If you ponder with the idea of what ifs, then take the plunge. Even if it fails, at least you can say you tried.
Much love people, praying for you all to grow and listen to the Lord. He is good and His love endures forever. God bless.

A fabulous Life