Happy 50th Dad!

Heres to the worlds greatest!
Hes been my dad for the past 21 years and seriously, He is the most incredible Father ever!
I always have the hardest time buying gifts for people, especially family members, so this year was really hard. I kept thinking about how big this birthday was for him and how my gift had to be well thought out and really come from the heart, so I opted out of the gift giving and wrote him a letter. It was the 50 things I thought made him the greatest ever. I cried through the whole thing, and I can guess that He will too. Haha!
With all that said, I love him.
He loves me.
He loves Jesus.
and Jenn.
and Julie.
and Jay.
He loves all the important people in my life and does everything in his power to make us all happy.
So, Happy birthday to the only man in my life who has my heart.
You're the best Daddy!
Cant wait to spend 50 more with you!

Here are some pictures from the past couple years of the handsome man himself. :)

Daddy and Jay Weslee
me and fajah at research

Julie Jack, Dad and Me. This was mine and
Julie's first 5 minutes back in town after like 5 months
of not being home or seeing him. It was a sweet moment captured.

Much love to you Dad! You are the best!

A fabulous Life