Welcome to my life Mary Kay

Before I moved to Houston in November, I was living in College Station Texas working at a salon called Urban Salon. There I worked for this super sweet woman named Rosanne. She introduced me to the wonderful world of Mary Kay Cosmetics. WAIT! STOP! Don't hate. I am not one of those annoying people who are crazy about selling there product. Okay, proceed. When I first learned about the product, I was not sold. It takes me a while to become a believer in something. So, she talked to me and talked to me about becoming a representative and I still wasn't behind the idea of becoming one of those annoying sales women. (not my thing!)
In November, Rosanne came to Houston for a Mary Kay breakfast seminar and she invited me to tag along. While there, I was definatly inspired but still had my reservations. So, I signed up but within 24 hours, I backed out. I got scared. Terrified actually. Fear and doubt crept in and took over. I listened to people who thought I was stupid for putting myself out there. I let people laugh at me and tell me I was silly. So, the doubt was there and I let it win.
I was afraid that I wouldn't succeed. So I stopped before I could fail. I didn't even try. Not even for 24 hours.
This past week we had a guest speaker at school teaching us about facials and makeup. Awesome. I love learning about new things, so I was definatly excited. Then I met her. Our guest speaker was a Mary Kay Director. Awesome. The fear crept in again. The doubt. But, something was different this time.
As she started talking about skin care, and makeup, I realized the look on my face was not that of someone who was afraid, or had doubt, but that of someone who was excited, thrilled, and enjoying herself.
I started to think and pray.
I realized that I can do anything I want to do.
I can do anything I set my mind on.
I have to set my mind on the things above.
The Lord knows the desires of my heart.
One of those desires is to make women feel beautiful and loved. I already know how to do that with hair, and I have always had the desire to learn more about skin care and makeup, so why not? Why not learn more about the #1 Cosmetics company in the world?
I listened some more and decided I was going to give it a huge try. I set up an appointment with Toya and Katie at Toya's house for Thursday. I went into the appointment still with doubt and fear that I would never be able to be as successful as these two woman. I would never be able to talk to people about this stuff. I would never be able to drive a pink cadillac.
I sat through that meeting, listening and learning and soaking it all in.
I realized that I CAN do it.
I am good at building relationships.
I am good at loving people.
I am good at engaging in conversation.
I am good at making people feel good.
God has given me so many gifts that I must put to good use.
I know that I can do it. With Jesus, ANYTHING is possible.
So, I have decided that I am going to be a Mary Kay representative.
I am going to do this job with excellence and I am going to be fabulous in it.
Just because this job isn't your typical after school job, doesn't mean I can't be successful in it.
I will do it and I will be great.
I will drive a pink cadillac one day. Who knows? That could happen in the next year.
God, Thank you for bringing this gift in my life. Do what you will with it. I will do my best to glorify You, Lord.
Thank you for the confidence you have given my life. Thank you for surrounding me with people who believe in me, people who love me.
Praying for you, friend, that you would chase your dream, that you would take a chance.
Much love,

A fabulous Life