Trusting God.

Last week I got a job offer from Kroger and I took it.
I really felt like the Lord provided in my time of need.
Yesterday, I got another job offer at a salon/spa/superstore called "Beauty Brands" and I have really been thinking about it. I went in today and they are offering me a little more money, which of course sounds great, but they can not guarantee me the hours that I need.
Kroger can.
I feel kind of sad because working at "BB" would definatly be a step in the direction of my career, but I feel like I have already committed to Kroger and given them my word. I have also kind of already told myself that I would stay there until I finished paying off some debt.
So, I have decided to stick with the grocery store.
As self righteous as I am, the Lord is actually changing my heart and this is the first fruit I have seen of it.
He is humbling me.
PTL! This sister needs it. I do have junk, and my junk does stink. Humble me, Lord! KEEP GOING!
So, I am trusting Him. Trusting Him that He is going to give me self control with my spending and that He will give me a faithful heart.
Praying for you brothers and sisters, that your heart, too, will be transformed.
Much love!

A fabulous Life