I am now a proud employee of Kroger.
Praise the Lord!
It feels so good to have a job! I am more than thankful for the job, and even more thankful for the opportunity to bless people who don't know the Lord.
Im so happy!
I start on Friday and Saturday for training.
Thanks for praying, friends. You are all such a blessing.
Much love sisters.

Dear God,

Today I have a job interview at Kroger.
I know that I've been a jerk about working somewhere other than a salon.
Can you please forgive me?
Lord, I really need this job. I know You already know what I need.
My debt is piling.
Its overwhelming to me.
Father, thank you for loving me despite my inconsistency, my selfishness, my bitterness, and my irresponsibility.
You amaze me.
I pray that I would realize the magnitude of your love, everyday.
God, give me the words to say today as I talk to Maria at Kroger. Give her open ears and an open heart. I pray she would see my need and that you would speak to her heart. Bless her sweet heart.
Father, I need a positive attitude as I fill out more applications today. I can only do this with you.
"If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move."
Lord, give me faith.
I love you Father.

A fabulous Life