The difference between WANT and NEED.

So, I am going through this ridiculous stage in my life where I want all these beautiful things and then I make the mistake of looking and looking and looking, when guess what? I CAN NOT AFFORD IT. I don't have a job, so therefore, I can't exactly afford anything, especially a $200 faux fur vest. I really do want this beautiful vest that I first saw on The Rachel Zoe Project last season, but it is just not a reality right now.
The Lord is intent on humbling me right now. I have applied to a countless number of jobs in the Katy area, and have even interviewed for a handful of them, but have heard nothing but "No" (minus the crazy nannying gig).
At first I was only applying to the glamourous jobs that I have always been so great at, like at a salon. But now, I feel like Jesus is telling me to get over myself and fall on my knees. It is so freeing to know that He will provide for me and give me what I need, but that I have to do it His way. So, I have applied to hair salons, grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, and some clothing stores.
I am now down to my last 50 bucks and I am constantly worrying about what I am going to do when that money is gone, How am I going to put gas in my car? How am I going to pay my credit card bill this month?
I have absolutely no idea.
I do know this though:
God has a plan. He has a purpose. My God is more than enough and He will supply all my needs. I know that there is a reason for this. His way is perfect and beautiful.
My prayer for you is that if you are going through a similar situation that your faith would be strengthened through this time of need.
Praying for you sweet friends.
Much love.

A fabulous Life