Sweet Blessings

About mid July I started going to a new Sunday morning Bible study called the 9one0. Its a Summit Singles young 20-25ish class. I was really super nervous the first month or so that I was in the class. I felt like I just couldn't connect and I was having a real hard time being myself. Then I decided to just go full force with the whole "get involved" thing and it has truly paid off. I decided to go on the Family Camp retreat and then after that it was like all my walls let down and I was finally able to be me. I have made some absolutely precious friends who I can not thank God enough for. Here are some pictures from a couple weekends ago at Tophers house. They are such sweet blessings. 

Sweet Kristin. I <3 her. 

Some of the freeging awesome ladies, Faith, Amy K., Amy G. and Allison.
Mitchell, Sarah, Kristin and Megan. I heart them.

A fabulous Life