Two very special people..

A Happy Birthday to my two favorite people in the world. 
This week, on July 14th my sister, Julie and my best friend from Bama, Danielle both had their birthdays. They were both pretty significant birthdays. This was Julies 23rd birthday and the last one of her being a Burchfield. Its crazy to me that she will soon be Mrs.Jack. :)
Danielle turned 21 and it was very sad that I could not be there to have a drink with her. :( 
These 2 awesome ladies are by far the best people in my life. I love them both more than I could explain. 

Danielle and I have basically grown up together.
We met in 6th grade at Daphne Middle School when we had a locker next to each other. Danielle immediately befriended me and the rest is history . We have been best friends ever since. 
She has been the only friend that has stuck by me threw the thick and thin. It's amazing how the Lord has grown us up together. She is truly the best friend you could ever imagine, seriously, you should pray for a friend like her. I love you DJ, you inspire me to be more like Jesus. You are awesome!

Julie and I, of course, have known eachother for my 21 years. We have been through so much together as sisters, and I could not imagine a better sister for me. We compliment each other so well and God truly teaches me so much threw her. She is the best big sister ever! I love you sweet sister and I can't wait to see where you are in your life this time next year. You are amazing! 

A fabulous Life