the week from...

Whatever you just thought to fill in the blank, you are probably right. 
It has been somewhat a crazy, busy, awesome, not so awesome, to God be all the Glory week. 
This week was my churches city wide outreach called Houston Project. Its this absolutely incredible mission project that our church does at 10 different locations throughout the city of Houston. This year was our biggest year to date with over 1,000 volunteers coming together to love on some unchurched kids, youth and adults. 

The week all started with me returning to this new bible study I have been feeling led to start with the singles ministry at my church called the 9one0. The teachers are Craig and Shannon Bloodworth, who I think are the Holy Sprits best friends. For reals, they are so straight up and real. Im pretty excited to see how the Lord is going to use me in this new class. He already is stretching me to make new friends and start my new life in Houston all over again. Its weird and hard and interesting to have to make new friends, but I love knowing that this is what the Lord is wanting for me right now and it brings me great joy to know that
 I am trying to be obedient. So, YAY!

I had spent the weekend In Giddings, Texas at Camp Tejas with some old friends and got really sick on Friday night with food poisoning ( I think I got from the Astros game I went to that night) and so Ms. Brittany was not feeling so bueno. After returning on Saturday afternoon I started to feel kind of poopy with a headache and bodyache. I ended up leaving church right after bible study to go home and sleep, and sister slept all afternoon. It was AWESOME! I still didn't feel 100% after all of my rest. I went into work on Monday morning and left early so that I could come home and get well. I slept all afternoon. I ended up missing out on Houston Project Monday night, myself and the awesome Rochelle made the executive decision that I should rest up and get better so that I could give my all the rest of the Project.  

Tuesday night was my first night of Houston Project. 
I was very tired when I first drove out to the site, North Central Baptist Church, but as soon as I got there I was ready to party. Friends, my heart was immediately broken for every one of those people at the site. The Lord broke me. He broke me of my materialism all over again. I sat there and wanted to weep because I was complaining about how stinking HOT it was outside and then the Lord so graciously reminded me that some of these sweet kids are always that hot and don't even have the pleasures of air conditioning. All I could think about is why the Lord chose me to be the privileged brat that I am. He totally broke me. A ton of kids came for to accept the Lord, and it was incredible. I could not believe what the Lord was doing in that hot room through a rapper. It really showed me that God is everywhere and will use any opportunity to speak to someone. 

Wednesday night was night #2 for me at Houston Project. 
The night before my roommate, Hannah, was supposed to be in one of the skits we were doing for the youth Wednesday night and her part in the skit was to be a cheerleader who's boyfriend had been hitting her and her mom had found out about it and made the girl start going to counseling and at counseling her counselor introduced her to Jesus. Hannah asked me to do the skit instead because she felt like I was a more believable cheerleader, HA! So, I attempted to memorize the lines for the skit and moment
s before we went on stage I had totally forgot the lines, but I was like , "Lord whatever you want me to say, I'll say. Give me the words." Its one of the first times that I have completely and totally relied on Him. I got up there and said exactly what He wanted me to say and in the middle of it, I just started to cry. The emotions that I felt were so real and close to home. It amazes me that maybe not even one person heard what I said up there, but, I did and I felt it, I was touched by it. God is so good. 18 youth came to know Jesus. How freeking awesome is that?

Today was crazy. 
I spent half the morning in Katy with my aunt taking care of some school stuff. BOO. I hate financial aid. Seriously, this sister hasn't lived in my parents house in almost 3 years and haven't been on their taxes in 3 years and haven't had insurance with them in 3 years. So, dont you think that I should be qualified for grants and that I shouldn't have to put my parents income on my fafsa. I dont think I should have to. But, the stinking state of Texas thinks differently. All I can say is God Bless the great state of Texas. NOT! :(
After a long morning getting that stuff done, I went to work for a whole 4ish hours. I left early to get some important "me" time in before I went to the voo doo doctor with Beck. The doc was awesome and I was very intrigued by her. I ended up going to James Avery to get a new ring to replace another one, and this is what I ended up with:

Isnt it so so so cute? I love it! Hannah and I were in Conroe for 4th of July weekend and we went to a fabulous mall and walked into James Avery to get our rings polished and I tried this one on and fell in love. I feel like it is so me. When I showed it to Becky and then later to Hannah they both said (at different times) "a new creation". It is so true and so what I need to be reminded of at this time in my life. I am a new creation, fearfully and wonderfully made. God has been so faithful to show this to me lately,  I am so blessed to be a part of His beautiful creation. 

So, this is a record for the longest post I have ever written and I will end it now. I hope that you all have a fabulous weekend. I must say that I am extremely excited about this weekend. I have a bridal shower in College Station on Saturday for Julie, the sis. Then Sunday I am going to church and having lunch with my sweet friend Gabby and then we are laying out by the pool. PTL for sun and good time with friends.
Much love frands!
Brittany Paige

A fabulous Life