ITS A 10!

About a year ago I stumbled across this absolutely amazing product called, "Its a 10" and it seriously is a 10! 
This product is so awesome. It does all 10 of these things, for real. PROMISE. I have been using it ever since I first saw it. 

1. Repairs dry, damaged hair. 
2. Adds shine
3. Detangles
4. Controls Frizz
5. Seals and protects hair color
6. Prevents split ends
7. Stops hair breakage
8. Creates silkiness
9. Enhances natural body
10. Flat iron spray and thermal protector

Okay ladies, now there is NO excuse for your nappy hair. :) 
If you are interested, let me know. I can tell you where to go! Enjoy!


A fabulous Life