My Top 10 Favorite Things

I was trying to think of a fun post to write, and this is what I decided would be fun for me. The top 10 are in no particular order, they are just fun. 

1. My Mac
2. My awesome NASB Bible that mentor Nat gave to me for my 20th birthday. 
3. Chacos
4. Jewelry 
5. Brownies
6. Swimming
7. The SUN
8. The Beach, I guess you pretty much have to love the sun if you love the beach. :)
9. Hair-its what I do

So, I love my Mac, but am definatly jealous of people who have the newest titanium mac, because its just so beautiful. My chacos are so my best friend, I would wear them with all my pretty 40 something dresses if I wouldn't look like a fool. Brownies are my weakness and definatly contribute to the 25ish pounds that I've managed to put on since moving to the city of concrete and fat. When I first moved to Texas, I was working at an awesome camp, camptejas.org, and started swimming a whole lot. Now, I LURVE it! I am from an awesome smallish town called Daphne, Alabama and its only about 20-30 minutes form the most beautiful beach ever, Galveston aint got nothing on Gulf Shores. 

If you are ever interested in an awesome hair cut or color, I know this awesome hairdresser, she is amazing....if you are interested, you should give me a shout! 
Love you guys. 

A fabulous Life