12 days...

In 2 days, it will be exactly 3 months since the very first day I started my new life in cosmetology school. It has been a crazy, busy, hard and easy, challenging and long 3 months, but now, in exactly 12 school days I will be finished. ( well, at least for the almost 4 months of summer break that I get) PTL! 
I can't begin to understand what the Lord is going to do in my remaining 2 semesters at school, but I am beginning to know what I am there for, other than the get my cosmetology licence, FINALLY! 
Over the past few months, He has really been showing me how exactly I am different from others around me and that, its okay. I am in a classroom full of girls who don't know Him, and I am there to show them how they can know Him. I have definatly screwed up at times and struggled with my words, my attitude, my actions, but as I am coming to a finish in the semester, the Lord is showing me that the way I think I should love these girls, is not the way that He intended it.
Patience. Self-Control. Gentleness. All these things, I am finding Jesus wants me to live in, but the one that I struggle with most, in fact, is pretty easy, quietness. 
Being quiet and holding my tongue is definatly not my strongest characteristic, but it is, in fact, very easy. In the midst of awful conversation where my words could hurt someone as I am about to EXPLODE, Jesus basically yells for me to shut up. Its all pretty humbling, always. I never am not humbled by it. He has even screamed it at me through some of the girls in my class. 
I encourage you all now, to just shut up every once in a while. Listen to others, and if you dont like what they are saying, pray for them. Pray for the words to say to them, and rest in it, wait on it. Be patient. Practice self-control. It really is worth it. 
good night to all. 
Its in His beautiful name I come to you. 

A fabulous Life